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I Cut off 14 Inches of Hair at the Magic Kingdom (Donation)

Jessica Norton Locks Of Love Donation before after

I got some pretty interesting looks from passersby while proudly holding up a horse-tail length wad of hair (ok i'm exaggerating) for a picture in front of Cinderella's castle. I didn't smuggle the pony tail into the park for a photo-op — although, if you know me and my photoshoot visions, I probably would do something like that — I actually got my hair cut at a barber shop on Main Street U.S.A. while visiting the Magic Kingdom park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

My Rapunzel-length hair was starting to become unmanageable and a hair cut was in order ASAP. I thought going to the salon at the Grand Floridian for my big donation hair cut would be a fun vacation treat but as I did some research, checking prices and making sure that they would be able to accommodate a hair donation (measuring/cutting/bagging, etc.), I came across the option of getting a hair cut at the Harmony Barber Shop at the Magic Kingdom. Though the experience would be less luxe than going to Grand Flo, it would save me a significant amount of money and allow me to quicker access to a post-haircut, celebratory dole whip and Space Mountain ride. So, I was sold.

Disney is not directly affiliated with any organizations, but I was assured while making my Harmony Barber Shop reservation over the phone that the cast member would make sure to meet the donation requirements while doing my haircut, securing the dry ponytails and providing me with a bag.

(haircut footage recorded by Victoria Piering)

As you can see in the video above, Harmony Barber Shop does not wash/blow dry your hair. It is a dry cut, later sprayed with water and cut more to even out. Buuut... the haircut was only $19!

I totally miss my long hair but I am super happy with how this haircut came out. And for $19... I can't complain at all. I unfortunately did not get pixie dust in my hair after my haircut — which is a thing anyone visiting the Magic Kingdom can go in to Harmony Barber Shop to request, whether you're getting a hair cut or not. I was so overwhelmed with my drastic loss of 14 inches that I just completely forgot to ask :(

Special shout out to my lovely friends Sara Gemind and Victoria Piering for enduring this with me and providing the best moral support and camera angles.

My three, 14 inch ponytails were donated to Locks of Love. I'm now starting the growing out process again...I grow out my hair and donate it every three to four years. My hair grows fast, has never been chemically treated, and is not damaged — so cutting for a cause has always been a no brainer for me. During the time period that I am growing out my hair, I go for a trim every two to three months to stimulate growth and keep the ends healthy.

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